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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

My contact information appears in the blue box that follows this paragraph. I hope the rest of this page answers some basic questions about my office, myself, and my Life & Career Coaching practice.

Contact information & address

Gerry Fisher, Life & Career Coach
Skype: gerrylifecoach
FaceTime: 1-410-949-7888
VSee: GerryCoach@comcast.net, Gerry Fisher

p.  1-410-949-7888
e.  GerryCoach@comcast.net
3600 Clipper Mill Road
Suite 219
Baltimore, MD  21211

"What are your office hours?"

I present my availability in United States Eastern Time Zone hours, so please translate to your local time zone. Here are my working hours:

Monday through Wednesday, 9 am until 8 pm
Thursdays, 9 am until 2 pm.

At my discretion, if no other time slots work out, I can make hours available on Saturdays between 10 am and 3 pm (Platinum Coaching clients only), and on Thursday evenings at 6 pm, and 7 pm (online meetings only).

"Where is your office located?"

First, remember that my office is on the Internet! Using free videoconferencing software such as Skype, FaceTime, or VSee, we can both do Online Life Coaching from anywhere!

For those who are within commuting distance to Baltimore City, you can either meet in my office, or you can mix and match in-office meetings with online ones. (Online meetings can come in handy when you have limited commuting time or during bad weather.)

My office is located at the Meadow Mill building, which includes the La Cuchara restaurant and the Meadow Mill Athletic Club. It's within walking distance of The Avenue and Falls Road in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, and is a short drive from the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus. It's conveniently located next to RT 83 near the Coldspring Lane exit—three exits south of RT 695.

Following these paragraphs, there are maps of the location; click on either map to receive more directions.

Locating the building, its entrance, and the part of the parking lot to use can be a little confusing. Please leave an extra 15 minutes for finding your way through the parking lot and building. Here are a few notes to assist you:

  1. Take Falls Road to Union Avenue

    Union Avenue is in between 36th Street (the Avenue) and 38th Street. It's in between a McDonalds and a Rite Aid, both located on the same side of the street as Union.

    If traveling south on Falls, look for a "Meadow Mill Athletic Club" sign painted on the side of a yellow row house soon after you pass the McDonalds.

  2. Turn left at the third stop sign on Union

    This turn is immediately in front of the RT 83 overpass and puts you on Clipper Mill Road. If you go under the highway and reach the Light Rail crossing, you've gone one block too far.

  3. Almost immediately, in approximately 30 yards, take your first right under the highway

    This turn brings you across a wooden bridge, and positions you facing the back of Meadow Mill office building. There is a large Orange and Green sign on the bridge that says, "Meadow Mill," but it does not have an address. If you reach the Birroteca restaurant on the right, you have gone a block too far.

  4. Take a left in the parking lot toward the south/west parking areas, and slowly drive completely around the building to the opposite side

    You'll be driving past the athletic club located at one end of the building, and the path gets very narrow before turning your first corner. Turn the second corner, follow the building, and you should see the Woodbury Light Rail stop above you to your left.

    The first two "office building" pictures in the right column were taken from the Light Rail stop looking down at this part of the parking lot.

  5. Park anywhere

    The entrance is 30 yards to the left of the La Cuchara restaurant, which is indented in between the athletic club and the rest of the office building. The main entrance has a handicapped entrance ramp, green trim, and an awning overhead with a "Meadow Mill" sign. Just inside the doorway, take the stairwell to the second floor; if you prefer, follow the main hallway to the end and take the elevator. On the second floor, go down the main hallway. Take either your first left (if you used the stairs) or the first right (if you used the elevator). I'm in the same hallway as suites numbered in the 220s.

    My Suite is 219, which is your first door on your right; my name is next to the door. Come right in, have a seat in the waiting room, help yourself to soft drinks in the fridge, to coffee from the machine, or to tea or hot chocolate from the kettle; I'll greet you as soon as I can.

    If you ended up on the opposite side of the building and you don't see an awning (instead, you see a loading dock), no worries! Take the ramp or stairs to the right, go up onto the loading dock, and enter the doorway to your right. You can use just about any entrance to the building other than the athletic club and get to my office.

Click here for detailed directions for those coming north toward Baltimore on RT 295 or RT 95.

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"What are your Life & Career Coaching fees?"

Because my clients pay me a variety of fees based on all the packages and options I provide, the best way to discuss this topic is to chat with me about it during a free, 30-minute consultation. That being said, I understand that people need to get a basic sense of whether they can afford my services.

As described on my Services page, I offer three types of Life & Career Coaching. You can take advantage of the full range of my skills and expertise by selecting top-of-the-line Platinum Coaching. The most affordable set of meetings for Platinum Coaching would be $200 a month, with a three-month initial commitment. That fee breaks down to $67 an hour, which is way below the market average of $100 to $150 an hour! If you add more meetings to the package, the price-per-hour drops even lower. Fees for Gold Coaching and Silver Coaching are even more affordable.

If you aren't able to take advantage of the superior 3-month package and need to start with only one month, you can do that! Month-to-month fees for Platinum Coaching can be as low as $240 a month.

Also, every sixth month of continuous work is free! You can also receive up to $100 of credit per year by referring clients to me, which further reduces your total cost.

Have you ever dropped multiple hundreds of dollars on a hotel room for vacation, or for sports or hobby equipment? Are your professional and personal goals worth an equal level of investment? Are you worth that kind of investment? If yes, then there's almost always a way to afford working with me.

In addition to Life & Career Coaching, I also offer a few highly focused packages:

  • Resume Coaching (3 meetings and resume edits)—$240
  • Interview Coaching (4 meetings, 3 mock interviews)—$350
  • Resume and Interview Coaching, both packages combined (6 meetings)—$450

Resume and interview coaching are already included for no additional fee in Platinum Coaching.

Here are answers to common questions about my fees:

  • Because my services assist personal growth and do not provide medical treatment, I do not accept medical insurance. If you need a receipt from me to be reimbursed from a Flexible Health Account provided by your employer, I'd be happy to provide that receipt.
  • I am not aware of any mental-health counselors or coaches who accept insurance to whom I can refer. If you want to seek that out, you can begin your search by clicking here—you can use this website to browse social-work counselors. I wish you the very best with your search!
  • Although negotiated and temporary fee adjustments can happen in very rare instances for long-time clients, I do not offer a traditional sliding scale.

In general, don't let fear of finances stand in the way of at least chatting with me during a free consultation. Let's talk about it! If we're a great fit for working together, then there is almost always a way of working through the financial issues. Why not give me a call at 1-410-949-7888 or email me now to make an appointment?

"What about confidentiality?"

I maintain a higher level of confidentiality than that provided by psychotherapists and mental health counselors. There are no embarrassing diagnoses or recorded personal details; what you say to me stays with me—with exceptions determined by ethical codes and legal dictates, which deal mainly with saving lives, or preventing the abuse of children and elders.

Many of my clients enjoy using modern conveniences in our work together: they work remotely with me by phone, they work remotely with me using computer video conferencing (Skype), and they enjoy the convenience of using email to ask questions or review the progress of their projects in between sessions.

If you use any of these methods of working with me, please realize that confidentiality is less secure than in-person meetings in my office. I will do my part to secure our communications—speaking on the phone or on Skype alone in a room with a closed door, password protecting my computer, and so on.

Realize also that there is a slight chance that communications across the Internet can be intercepted—it is very technically difficult to do, but it's possible. You may also want to familiarize yourself with ways of permanently deleting sensitive communications from your computer: delete items from your Recycle Bin and "deleted" email folder, and then compress your hard disk.

Generally, if you have an unusually sensitive conversation you need to have with me, let's use the phone or meet in my office.

"What are your credentials?"

I have 20+ years of various counseling experience, 24 years of experience as a software technical writer (10+ years as a hiring manager), and 13+ years in my Life & Career Coaching business. I am an experienced workshop developer and leader, I have a Master's degree from Boston University in Clinical Social Work—a Counseling degree, and I was previously licensed as a clinical social worker in the state of Massachusetts for 10 years. (Please note that I am currently not licensed to provide medical, mental-health counseling in any state in the US at this time.) For more information, please see my resume.

"What types of goals do people work on?"

My clients' goals are most often something specific whose progress you can see or measure, such as dating more, finding a compatible partner, advancing your career, changing your career, or making more money. They can be smaller goals, as well, such as losing weight or quitting smoking.

Sometimes the goals can be more about feeling happier in your life; examples include wanting to be less shy and make more friends, learning to let go of workaholism or perfectionism, needing to reduce stress, or wanting to be calmer during your daily commute. As you can see, personal goals can be just about anything that you want to bring into being in your life.