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Most of us know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with our To Do list, with all the things we "should" be doing. This helpful blog posting describes how you can get out from the stressful weight of your To Do list and feel some peace.

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"Do you specialize in Counseling Gay people?"

No and yes.

On the one hand, my specialty is counseling people to get unstuck emotionally so that they can reach their personal goals quicker and easier. In addition to having advanced training in emotion transformation, I have expertise with dating and relationship strategy, Career and Executive Coaching, improving educational performance, helping to plan for retirement, and more—click here for examples the types of coaching I provide. I do this work with people of all sexual and gender orientations, and I really, really love working with a diverse group of clients.

On the other hand, I'm openly gay in both my personal and professional lives. When I provide counseling for LGBT clients, I continue to focus on emotion transformation, often providing Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Dating Coaching. But we also work on related gay issues:

  • Coming out to oneself
  • Coming out to family
  • Coming out at work
  • Maintaining self-esteem in surroundings that can be hostile to gay people
  • Reconciling lifestyle with spirituality
  • Accessing GLBT community resources
  • ...and more

Sometimes LGBT clients feel more comfortable working with someone who has worked on gay issues personally, and who has a shared background and a mutual understanding of the LGBT cultures. I welcome such clients.

But both of us being members of the GLBT community is not enough. Why not connect with me online, have a relaxing cup of tea or coffee, and see for yourself that we're a great fit for working together? Give me a call now at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to set up a free half-hour consultation appointment.

In-person meetings also available: Directions