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Gerry Fisher, Life & Career Coach
3600 Clipper Mill Road
Suite 219
Baltimore, MD  21211

Skype:  gerrylifecoach
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Office location

My office is located at the Meadow Mill building, which includes the La Cuchara restaurant and the Meadow Mill Athletic Club. It's within walking distance of The Avenue and Falls Road in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, and is a short drive from the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus.

Following these paragraphs, there are maps of the location; click on either map to receive more directions.

When driving from the north, it's best to take RT 83 traveling south. My office is conveniently located next to RT 83 near the Coldspring Lane exit—three exits south of RT 695.

From the west, take either the beltway north to RT 83 (if you dislike Baltimore driving) or RT 70, Gwynn Falls Parkway, Druid Park Lake Drive, and 28th Street into the Remington/Hampden neighborhoods (if you're OK with Baltimore driving).

From the south, I recommend taking the major highways to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (MLK Blvd) and then a few more city streets. The directions look more involved than they are when you are driving; clients report that they prefer this route. Click here for detailed instructions about navigating the city streets when approaching from the south.

Locating the building, its entrance, and the part of the parking lot to use can be a little confusing. Please leave an extra 15 minutes for finding your way through the parking lot and building. Here are a few notes to assist you:

  1. Take Falls Road to Union Avenue

    Union Avenue is in between 36th Street (the Avenue) and 38th Street. It's in between a McDonalds and a Rite Aid, both located on the same side of the street as Union.

    If traveling south on Falls, look for a "Meadow Mill Athletic Club" sign painted on the side of a yellow row house soon after you pass the McDonalds.

  2. Turn left at the third stop sign on Union

    This turn is immediately in front of the RT 83 overpass and puts you on Clipper Mill Road. If you go under the highway and reach the Light Rail crossing, you've gone one block too far.

  3. Almost immediately, in approximately 30 yards, take your first right under the highway

    This turn brings you across a wooden bridge, and positions you facing the back of Meadow Mill office building. If you reach the Birroteca restaurant on the right, you have gone a long block too far.

  4. Take a left in the parking lot toward the south/west parking areas, and slowly drive completely around the building to the opposite side

    You'll be driving past the athletic club located at one end of the building, and the path gets very narrow before turning your first corner. Then, turn the second corner, follow the building, and you should see the Woodbury Light Rail stop above you to your left. Park anywhere you can find a space.

    The first two "office building" pictures in the right column were taken from the Light Rail stop looking down at this part of the parking lot.

  5. Park anywhere

    The entrance is 30 yards to the left of the La Cuchara restaurant, which is indented in between the athletic club and the rest of the office building. The main entrance has a handicapped ramp, very dark green trim, and an awning overhead with a "Meadow Mill" sign. Just inside the doorway, take the stairwell to the second floor; if you prefer, follow the main hallway to the end and take the elevator. On the second floor, go down the main hallway. Take either your first left (if you used the stairs) or the first right (if you used the elevator). I'm in the same hallway as suites numbered in the 220s.

    My Suite is 219, which is your first door on your right; my name is next to the door. Come right in, have a seat in the waiting room, help yourself to soft drinks in the fridge, to coffee from the machine, or to tea or hot chocolate from the kettle; I'll greet you as soon as I can.

    If you ended up on the opposite side of the building and you don't see an awning (instead, you see a loading dock), no worries! Take the ramp or stairs to the right, go up onto the loading dock, and enter the doorway to your right. You can use just about any entrance to the building other than the athletic club and get to my office.

Baltimore Life Coaches: Bird's eye office location Baltimore Life Coaches: Bird's eye office location

Directions from South of Baltimore

These are the directions I recommend from south of Baltimore:

  1. From RT 295: Take a right, and take the ramp that leads to MLK Blvd:
    1. As you approach M&T Bank Stadium, look for a small sign indicating a right turn for "Martin Luther King Boulevard" or "MLK Blvd"; the "turn" is actually an opening in the roadside barriers, and you're simply moving one lane to the right, beyond the barriers.
    2. Go through the gap in then barriers, and then stay in the left lane.
    3. Go up the ramp, which eventually brings you up, around, and back down to MLK Blvd.
  2. From RT 95: Take the exit for RT 395/MLK Blvd, and pay close attention to the signs for MLK Blvd.
  3. Follow MLK Blvd for several miles.

    MLK Blvd is a multiple-lane road with a number of traffic lights. There will be housing to the left. You'll pass the University of Maryland Medical Center on the right, and then you'll pass the University of Maryland-Baltimore campus, also on the right.

    On the left, when housing ends and large, administrative, government buildings appear, you are getting close to your next turn.

  4. Turn left onto Howard Street.

    Although it's possible to go "straight" onto a small road, it has the look and feel of being a dead end onto Howard, with only the options of turning right or left. Directly across from the intersection is a light rail stop.

  5. Turn left onto 27th Street.

    While traveling on Howard, you'll pass the MICA buildings on the left, cross a colorful bridge, and pass through the North Street intersection. The next major intersection is 25th Street (Anderson Honda on your right and a gas station across the street to your left). Be on the lookout for 27th Street signs (the "Sweet 27" restaurant on the right corner); when you turn left, it is onto a small side street.

  6. Take a right at the stop sign onto Remington Avenue

    You'll be on 27th Street for only a short block. At the stop sign, you'll have the option of taking a hard right onto a small road or a soft right onto a larger road. Remington Avenue is the larger road. After turning, the 7-Eleven will be on your right.

  7. Turn right onto Keswick Road

    You'll go past Johns Hopkins administrative buildings on the right, and past "Ace of Cakes"/"Charm City Bakery" shop and "The Dizz" bar and restaurant on the left. Then, you'll go past a Hopkins day-care center on the right and a small wooded area on the left. The road then curves sharply to the left—technically, it becomes 33rd Street. At the Keswick Road intersection, there is a 7-Eleven on the right.

  8. Take a left onto 36th Street; this is "The Avenue" in Hampden.

    A "coming soon" pizza shop is kitty corner on the left.

  9. Take a right onto Falls Road.

    The intersection of 36th Street and Falls Road appears to be a T intersection. Also, there is (you guessed it) a 7-Eleven on the corner to your right.

  10. Take Falls 2 blocks to Union on the left, just after the Rite Aid, and then follow the instructions above.

To return to the highways to the south of the city, take Union back to Falls Road. Take a right onto Falls Road, stay right, and follow it onto the ramp for RT 83 South. Stay on the entrance ramp and exit at the very next exit. Stay left, which brings you onto 28th Street. At the third traffic light (just after you pass a 7-Eleven), take a right onto Howard Street, and reverse the directions back to the highways.

Off of MLK Blvd, look for signs for "Russell Street South." That exit takes you past the football stadium toward the entrance for both RT 295 (stay left) and RT 95 (stay right).