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This page contains a set of testimonials that I've collected in the years I've been doing Career Coaching and Life Coaching. (My Google reviews are my most up-to-date testimonials.)

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I originally went to see Gerry because a friend of mine recommended him. I realized I was stuck when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life—I just knew I was not okay with where I was but did not know exactly what I wanted, much less how to get there.

Speaking with Gerry really helps me focus—he offers kind, helpful guidance through my mix of confusing ideas and emotions—providing me with a clearer picture of where I am and where I want to be.

Gerry helped me on many different levels—teaching me how to understand my confusing emotions, how to "live in the present," how to deal with personal relationships, and how to focus on both short- and long-term career goals. Talking with Gerry is like talking to a very wise, understanding friend. I highly recommend him—without any hesitation!

M. S.
Chelmsford, MA
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I had come to a point in my life where I was greatly dissatisfied with my career path, but the figuring out how to make it better had me stumped. Gerry helped me identify my core strengths and identify possibilities that I had never considered before. By getting to know me, he was able to put me on the right course professionally. I recommend him highly.

David Roberts
Nottingham, MD
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Gerry, from the moment I met him, was obviously very experienced in dealing with many types of issues. My professional and career concerns were quickly identified. Gerry then focused on the highest priorities, and came up with excellent coping and problem solving strategies, enabling me to move forward professionally, in my mind and in my actions. I give Gerry a thumbs up in every area from professionalism, to advice, to problem solving.

Health Care Professional

Gerry has been wonderful for me this past year in terms of helping me reorient my life rather than find what is wrong with it. Gerry has been able to understand my situation clearly and has guided me in thinking about appropriate strategies to focus my energy positively. He has helped me find solutions rather than simply figure out what the problem is.

Dundalk, MD

I've done counseling in the medical model before...in my work with Gerry, my past was relevant but not at all the primary focus...my present and my future were what excited our conversation.

Gerry was an incredibly knowledgeable, grounded, positive sounding board. We discussed my career goals and my relationships. We worked together as a team to redirect behaviors or thought patterns that were getting in the way of my moving forward either toward a career goal or within a relationship.

Boston, MA
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I came to Gerry for counseling following the death of a parent and the subsequent end of a 13-year relationship with my partner. I was dealing with the emotions of loss and grief regarding my mother, combined with anger, self-esteem, and abandonment issues surrounding the end of my relationship. I was also stuck regarding my career, due to the choices I'd had to make while dealing with a terminally ill parent and being the primary income earner in my relationship. I was in a constant downward spiral.

The great thing about Life Coaching and working with Gerry was that, unlike previous psychotherapy I'd experienced, which only focused on the original events that upset me, he gave me tools and exercises to change my behaviors and untwist my constant negative thoughts. By practicing these new skills and ways of thinking, I've become able to manage my negative emotions, move through them, establish goals, see myself differently, and engage again in my life.

Jeffrey Griffin
Arlington, MA
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After helping me with a drawn-out divorce and transition to single life, I was struggling with an on-again, off-again dating situation. It would always start hopeful, but eventually the man I was dating would end up being selfish and hurtful. But I kept going back....

I remember one conversation that Gerry and I had, and I still chuckle about it to this day. I knew Gerry thought that this was a bad relationship, and we'd had some challenging talks about it before. But on this day, he got this look on his face like, "OK!" He told me that, for whatever reasons—"good" or "bad"—I needed to go back and try this out at least one more time. There was something I needed to figure out, still.

Then, he said something like, "We just need to be honest about you being in danger of getting hurt again. It's like you have to drive down Hell Highway. Let's make sure you've got a Humvee, that's it's reinforced, that you have your flap jacket on so you don't get shot,...." We laughed and had fun with it, but I got the message!

One time, after a fight with my boyfriend, I said to Gerry, "I think I just got a toe blown off by an IED." He said, "We forgot to get you some explosives experts to clear the road first and some steel toed boots!"

I ended up going back to that bad relationship a few more times before finding a way to call it quits. What I appreciated most about working with Gerry through it all is that he didn't push his agenda on me, even though we both knew he was right. I really appreciated that!

Timonium, MD

Although I only worked with Gerry very briefly, the thing that stays with me are his stories. They were entertaining but also contained grains of wisdom...they felt like parable.

Personally, I haven't managed to resolve my relationship issues, but I think I got something better, in that I don't feel conflicted any more...things feel like they're on solid footing now. It's true that I still have some major decisions to make, but they don't feel so intimidating. I'm really grateful that Gerry helped me to make that shift.

E. M.
Linthicum, MD

My adult son had been sent to counselors during his high-school years to work on emotional issues, but it never really helped. For more than ten years after graduation, he was floundering in a low-paying and dead-end job, feeling angry, hopeless, and lost.

Gerry told us that my son has symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome, which were making it hard for him to socialize and follow directions. For several years, Gerry was a mentor and guide for my son, helping him step-by-step to learn social skills, network, think things through in a more hopeful way, and problem solve. During this time, my son chose a career—elementary-school teaching, finished his college degree, got jobs as a substitute teacher, and passed his teacher's certification test on the second try. Amazing!

I can't recommend Gerry highly enough. He'll get right down to practical mentoring and teaching for moving forward.

J. W.
Columbia, MD

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