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Louis C. K. on cell phones

First, most Life Coaches don't teach you emotion-management skills and help you practice. Second, the few Counselors and Coaches who do teach these skills don't always make it fun and engaging. My Platinum Coaching package includes me sending you links to fun videos like this one, which makes a topic like Mindfulness come alive and feel real. In this video, Louis C. K. riffs on why he doesn't give his kids cell phones, and he eventually gives a strikingly moving description of what it means to be human and fully present in the moment.

Cogntive Behavioral Treatment: navigating maze

Dating: Building your home

As a Dating Coach, my advice is informed by research, including that of John Gottman. This blog posting is a great example of the Dating Coaching I provide for clients. If you're clear about what you need to build your home in the future, then you can ask yourself if the person you're currently dating has what it takes to help you build it.

"Are you a Life Coach? Executive Coach? Career Coach?..."

Yes. That being said, I offer a very unique, full-service type of Life Coaching that can be difficult to find elsewhere. As other coaches do, I help you reach personal goals, but I specialize in teaching skills, coaching for habit change, and giving advice to get you unstuck and moving smoothly toward goal completion, and they don't.

As talented and dedicated as some Life Coaches are, the qualifications to become a coach aren't rigorous. It's also difficult to talk about the profession very generally, because it's unlicensed. Most Life Coaches appear to be briefly-trained, personal project leaders narrowly focused on goals who most often do their work using half-hour-or-less phone calls.

Life Coaches encourage balance between your work, dating, family, health, spirituality, and more. They also help create and prioritize goals in those categories, they ask you to show them when goals are completed, they give you an "atta-Girl!" when you complete a goal, and so on. Life coaches are friendly, encouraging, and care about your success. But they can also be somewhat detached, asking "Do you want to recommit to the goal or drop it?", without actively giving advice. Finally, some coaches specialize. So, there are Career Coaches, Dating Coaches, Sports-Performance Coaches, Executive Coaches, and so on.

Let me clarify some differences between us. First, most coaches focus almost exclusively on the organizational part of reaching goals, and my approach places more emphasis on developing effective habit and emotionally skillful approaches to goal completion—for example, decreasing urges to avoid and increasing motivation. As a former manager in a Fortune 500 company, I understand the Ins and Outs of managing complex projects, and I know how to teach you the skills needed for you to become your own, best project leader.

A second difference is that my experience is broad. In addition to having advanced training in emotion transformation, I have expertise with dating and relationship strategy, Career and Executive Coaching, improving educational performance, helping to plan for retirement, and more: click here for examples the types of coaching I provide.

A third difference is that I'm not shy about offering my opinions and advice. Just like a personal trainer who sees you putting too much weight on the bar or a financial advisor who is concerned about a risky investment, I lobby strongly and sometimes emotionally—you'll always know my honest opinion! After speaking up about my concern for you, I will honor your decision, even if it is different than what I advised: I'll quickly shift my focus and guide you on the path that you've chosen.

I have successfully worked with clients whose Life Coaches blamed them when goal monitoring and cheer leading alone didn't lead to success. Instead, my habit-enhancing and skill-building approach was quite effective for them. I welcome such clients.

...and I welcome you to meet with me online, have a relaxing cup of coffee or tea, and see for yourself that we're a good fit for working together. Why not give me a call at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to schedule a free consultation appointment today? You'll be glad you did!