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Tips for using LinkedIn

Instead of connecting with anyone and everyone, connect with people on LinkedIn strategically, with an eye toward networking and informational interviewing. This blog posting includes a few other helpful tips for using this important, career-related, social networking tool.

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This page describes the services I provide:

Life Coaching, Career Counseling, & Career Coaching

Meet with me regularly to work on any career, job, or personal project; examples include (but are not limited to) career transitions, starting a new business, navigating workplace politics, losing weight and getting healthier, making more friends, saving money, improving your relationship with a spouse or partner, and learning effective dating techniques.

People who choose a 3-month initial package for coaching receive a two-hour orientation, which includes assistance with creating your vision for change, establishing your goals, prioritizing them, and deciding where you'd like to begin. I'll provide a written document of this visioning and goal-setting exercise so that you can reference it often.

I provide three levels of coaching services: Platinum Coaching, Gold Coaching, and Silver Coaching.

Platinum Coaching is my unique, full-service offering; it provides you with the full range of my expertise, and it's the reason why people select me as their coach. In summary, it offers a full range of scheduling and meeting options, personalized advice and solution suggestions, email pointers to useful information (handouts, blog postings, websites, YouTube videos, resume samples), 3 resume and cover-letter reviews (including minor rewriting), mock-interview practice and tips, networking coaching, strategies for managing office politics, time-management coaching, homework and study-skills coaching, dating and relationship coaching, mindfulness coaching and exercises, avoiding-negative-thinking coaching, exposure exercises for anxiety, hypnosis, document editing (content of 10 pages or fewer), marketing advice (website, social media, linked in), a copy of the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and everything included in Gold Coaching.

In summary, both Gold Coaching and Silver Coaching provide only structured goal setting and support with different meeting lengths. They offer almost no direct advice; instead, I guide you with gentle questioning, and I "help you to help yourself." These packages are a good fit for people who are exceptionally clear about what they want to do, need much less discussion, are extremely self motivated go-getters, and mainly want structured goal setting and regular meetings to keep them accountable to someone in addition to themselves.

Most clients make an initial commitment of three months, though starting month to month can be done for a slightly higher monthly fee. Afterward, you can renew month by month, or you can drop in for single-meeting tune-ups as you please. It's common for clients to complete months of coaching, take a break, and then come back months or years later when more coaching can assist your change efforts.

All types of coaching offer choices about the number of meetings you purchase. You can use meetings to create any combination of weekly or every-other-week meetings you want, or you can schedule them randomly (three meetings this week, none for the next four weeks).

Because of the large number of package choices, my clients pay me a variety of fees. Why not sit down with some coffee or tea, chat with me online, and I can go through all of the fee options with you in person during a free, half-hour consultation? Or, if you'd like to get a ballpark sense of my fees, you can click here.

Resume Coaching

Although I don't write resumes for clients, I provide extensive, expert coaching so that you can write your own. This focused package includes the following:

  • Up to 3 one-hour meetings within one month's time, to be scheduled as you wish
  • A copy of my 4 Steps To an Excellent Resume
  • My write-up of cover-letter guidelines
  • Coaching for developing a "master resume"
  • Coaching for the creation of one resume targeted for a job posting you provide
  • Up to 3 copy edits and feedback for your resume within one month's time
  • Up to 3 copy edits and feedback for one cover letter within one month's time
  • Some minor rewriting for your resume and cover letter
  • Samples of resumes to demonstrate techniques

Fee: $240

You can include this level of focused resume work in either Gold Coaching or Silver Coaching for an additional fee. Why not call 1-410-949-7888 or email me now to get more information about my Resume Coaching package and fees in general?

Interview Coaching

Do you have one or more big interviews coming up? Would you like to boost your preparation and confidence going into those interviews? If yes, then I recommend purchasing my Interview Coaching package. This focused package includes the following:

  • 1 one-hour meeting to discuss overall interviewing strategies
  • Up to 3 one-hour mock interviews and feedback within one month's time, to be scheduled as you wish
  • Behavioral-interviewing coaching
  • Preparation of answers for a few troublesome interview questions of your choice
  • Handouts for Mindfulness exercises that you can use to de-stress and relax before your interview

Fee: $350

Resume & Interview Combo Fee (up to 6 meetings within 6 weeks): $450

Why not call 1-410-949-7888 or email me now to get more information about my Interview Coaching package and fees in general?

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more targeted packages, including Mindfulness presentations, corporate training, and training for other coaches!