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Speed up the time between
dreaming and doing

Are you ready? Then let's go!

When you're excited about reaching your goals, and you're enjoying yourself every step of the way, then success happens—it's a done deal.

But even for the best and brightest of us, it doesn't always work that way. Motivation can come and go, and daily life can distract, stall, or side track you.

That's where I can help!

I provide the exact Life & Career Coaching you need, when you need it: Online or in person, career or personal, setting goals or teaching skills or boosting motivation.

Hello! My name is Gerry Fisher, and I'm a full-time Life & Career Coach with 15+ years of experience. I also bring to the table skills learned as a Hiring Manager in a Fortune 500 computer company, an Outplacement Career Counselor, an MSW degree holder, and someone who's started his own business. I do great work with adolescents (13+) and adults of any age. (Unfortunately, I don't work with couples or accept health insurance.)

Moving your life forward is important, so call 1-410-949-7888 or email me now to set up a free half-hour online meeting. Don't delay success and personal happiness another minute. (My Baltimore office is also available for meetings: Directions)

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Convenient Online Coaching!

Use Skype, FaceTime, VSee, or another free app to do Online Life & Career Coaching conveniently from your home, office, anywhere! Contact me now at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to schedule a free consultation meeting. Settle in by your computer, chat with me, and see for yourself that we make a great team. (Or meet in my Baltimore office: Directions.)

Check out my new book

Daily Pivots: Breaking Free from Habits That Hold You BackBuild Good Habits Daily Pivots provides fun, easy-to-use tools you can use to make big changes. Learn to be your own, best Life Coach!

Ever feel unmotivated, in need of a straight forward approach to get unstuck? Then this book is for you. Press or click here read more description, download a copy, or check out reader reviews.

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Life Coach in Baltimore Gerry Fisher MSW

Gerry Fisher MSW, Life Coach

Check out my blog...

As my clients make changes, some decisions lead to them feeling pulled in two different directions. I help people to think through the situation, make a decision, and get unstuck. One of the more common conflicts is deciding between accepting something or applying control in an effort to change it. This blog posting is a great example of how my Life Coaching helps people to make these judgment calls.

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Maryland Life: Gerry's Facebook iconLiking my page on Facebook, following me on Twitter, or following me on Pinterest are fun, easy ways to learn how to be happy, confident, and peaceful. It's a great introduction to working with a Life & Career Coach. Tell your friends and family!

Interviewing? Tell a few stories

I'm a job-search expert who can help with all career-transition and advancement challenges. This blog posting presents practical job-interview advice I commonly provide to clients. It's especially helpful for people who haven't interviewed in recent years. (This style of conversation is called behavioral interviewing.)

My office is convenient to...

Dundalk, Bear Creek Junction, Brooks Hill, Baltimore, MD, Colgate, Essex, Rosedale, Overlea, Harford County, White Marsh, MD, Bel Air, Putty Hill, Rossville, Perry Hall, Parkville, Carney, Baltimore County, Towson, MD, Riderwood, Mays Chapel, Brooklandville, Pikesville, MD, Lutherville-Timonium, Padonia, Cockeysville, Garrison, Owings Mills, MD, Gwynbrook, Arborwood, Reistertown, Carroll County, Imperial Gardens, Lyonswood, Randallstown, MD, Rockdale, Milford Mill, Pikesville, MD, Sykesville, Milford, Lochearn, Woodlawn, Drexel Woods, Marydell, Ellicot City, MD, Linwood, Oella, Catonsville, Academy Heights, Autumn Hill, Oakland Mills, Howard County, Columbia, MD, Oakland Mills, Jeffers Hill, Annetta Gardens, Jonestown, Brightfield, Waterloo, Jessup, Laurel, MD, Maryland City, Elkridge, Patapsco, Hanover, Arbutus, Halethorpe, Anne Arundel County, Linthicum Heights, Pumphrey, Brooklyn Park, Arundel Village, Ferndale, Furnace Branch, Glen Burnie, MD, Bohemia Beach, Orchard Beach, Severn, South Gate, Pasedena, Severna Park, Dotts Corner, Crownsville, Annapolis, MD.

"Wait! Tell me does this work?"

Garden variety Life & Career Coaching is just basic strategic planning. First, imagine a clear vision of success: for example, feeling established in a great new career, marrying a wonderful spouse, or enjoying your fit body. Then, set goals, commit to completing them one at a time, and meet regularly to stay accountable. Repeat until your vision becomes a reality.

Sounds simple, right? Well...not so fast!

Ever notice how people can have the very best plans and still struggle to follow through? Peoples' purest intentions can be undermined by procrastination, worry, lack of knowledge, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation or confidence, unhelpful habits, distractibility, and so on.

To get the job done well, a Life & Career Coach needs to help remove anything that's getting in the way. My unique, full-service approach includes crucial services that other Coaches are unable or unwilling to provide. Here are a few examples of my value-add services:

  • Career coaching (including resumes, cover letters, interviewing, behavioral interviewing, and networking)
  • Direct advice, custom problem solving, and habit-change coaching
  • Emotion-management skill building (reduce worry, increase focus)
  • Assistance with work-life balance
  • Research, study, homework, and writing coaching
  • Relationship, dating, and interpersonal-skills coaching
  • Time-management and executive-functioning coaching
  • Marketing, social media, and other business coaching
  • Online Coaching (from anywhere) or in-office meetings (in Baltimore)

I provide far more than visioning, goal-setting, and accountability. When you're facing a particular challenge, I'll share my personal knowledge, solutions developed by past clients, and helpful skill-building exercises. I'll also help you locate other resources, including sending you email pointers to helpful blog postings, videos, and networking opportunities.

In addition to Career Coaching, I'm particularly proud of my emotion-management expertise which helps you to lower unhelpful emotions (such as worry) and boost positive ones (such as feeling calm and motivated). Skill building helps my clients to develop daily habits needed to operate at Peak Performance, making goal attainment quicker and easier.

Here are two testimonials that give you a feel for the work I do:

I realized I was "stuck" when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life...Gerry's life coaching helped me to deal with personal relationships, and how to focus on both short- and long-term career goals...I highly recommend him—without any hesitation!

S. J., from Timonium, MD
Press or click for more testimonials...

I...have gotten my tutoring side-business off the ground, grown both my number of clients and my rate, all while still managing a full-time job and getting married. As a first-time entrepreneur, I was struggling to organize my ideas and learn how to network, make decisions, and execute. Gerry's advice and weekly tweaks to my though process were invaluable for me (I had tried getting started on my business for the prior 6 months without much progress). A side benefit of working with Gerry has been a huge reduction in the mental and emotional stress I was putting myself through in my full-time work. His insights on how to navigate workplace politics, manage executives' expectations, and incorporate a mindfulness practice into the workday have freed up a ton of mental energy for me....

T.M., from MD
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Of all the emotion-management coaching I do, Mindfulness is the most powerful. It especially helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthens the ability to focus. Here's an introduction to the topic:

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Call me now at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to schedule your free online consultation meeting as soon as possible. Why wait?

"Can I read more about how you work?"

Boost Commitment Overcome Fear Daily PivotsMost of you now probably feel comfortable attending a free consultation meeting to learn more, which is great! However, I completely get it if you'd like to think about it for a while.

To get a feel for my work from the comfort of your own home, please consider reading my new book, Daily Pivots: Breaking Free from Habits That Hold You Back. The book contains the "secret sauce" to my coaching style. In addition to reassuring you that we're a great fit for working together, it can help you to get unstuck, get motivated, and get moving again immediately!

Press or click the image of the book to read more description, download a copy, or check out reader reviews.

"What type of clients do you work with?"

When it comes to Career Coaching, I've worked with everyone from CEOs to their workers on the line: white collar, blue collar, and no collar. My clients run the gamut from accountants to artists. I coach professors and other teachers, and also their students. I've worked in the private and public sectors, and I've coached clients in non-profits. I even coach other Life Coaches.

Typical Life Coaching is Project Management Lite ; as a technical-writing project leader, I did complex project management and edited business plans. This experience informs advice I give about goal setting, adjusting plans as you go, time management, writing large documents, delegating, teamwork, and scheduling.

My corporate experience informs the advice I give about management, leadership, dealing with office politics, "managing your manager," basic strategic planning, and maintaining work-life balance. As a hiring manager, I've been on the other side of the table when it comes to job interviews, evaluating resumes, and conducting and surviving layoffs.

My experience as a mental health counselor and "resident behaviorist" informs advice I give about executive functioning, relationship skills, reducing fear and stress, basic parenting and behavioral skills, improving focus, and being effective in intensely emotional situations. I even ran a weight-loss group for people struggling with medication whose side effects included weight gain.

I've worked in an Internet startup and leveraged my computer skills while starting my own Life Coaching business. This experience informs advice about career changes, entrepreneurial tips, use of the Internet and social media, and basic marketing guidance.

Finally, as gay man, I have first-hand experience that helps LGBT people with coming out issues, accessing community resources, reconciling lifestyle with spirituality, and more.

Instead of making your eyes blurry by poring over my resume at this point, why not chat with me online, relax, and speak at length until you've got a good feeling about working together? Give me a call at 1-410-949-7888 or email me today to set up an appointment for your free half-hour consultation?

"So, how much? How often? And all that?"

I offer several Life & Career Coaching packages, starting with my unique, full-service approach, which I call Platinum Coaching. With this package, I'm an active teammate in helping you with your project, providing direct advice and problem solving, and offering full-range career services. This package includes skill-building instruction and exercises (including Mindfulness), resume work, interview coaching, networking coaching, maximum scheduling flexibility, and much, MUCH more.

Gold Coaching and Silver Coaching packages are also available, in which I use gentle questioning to "help you help yourself." It provides an easy way to set goals, keep track of them, and stay accountable to yourself for achieving them.

All packages involve a set number of meetings you can schedule as needed: weekly, every other week, or randomly. The best way to begin coaching is to purchase a 3-month package, which saves you money, provides a valuable 2-hour orientation meeting, and helps you to stay accountable to yourself for the change you want in your life. After the initial 3-month period, you can renew month to month, or you can schedule random, single-meeting tune ups.

If you choose to start with just a single month, you can do that! It's just a slightly higher per-month fee.

Meeting lengths vary across packages, and clients pay me a variety of below-market-average fees depending on their chosen services. Most people enjoy meeting online using free apps such as Skype, FaceTime, or VSee. (In-person meetings available. Directions)

In addition to my Life & Career Coaching services, I also offer smaller packages that are tightly focused on a particular task:

  • Resume Coaching—I'll coach you to write your own cover letter, master resume, and one resume tuned to a specific job posting that you provide. This package includes writing-tip handouts, up to 3 meetings that you schedule as you wish within one month, and 3 edits of your resume and cover letter. Fee: $240
  • Interview CoachingI'll provide an overview of interviewing strategy (1 meeting), mock interviews (up to 3 more meetings within one month), behavioral-interviewing coaching, and preparation for several commonly disliked interview questions. Fee: $350 Resume & Interview Combo Fee (up to 6 meetings within six weeks): $450

More packages are on the way. Stay tuned to this section of the website for ongoing updates.

The best way to get a feel for all of your service and pricing options is to meet with me online for a brief chat. Why not call me now at 1-410-949-7888 or email me to schedule a free online consultation? I'll explain my services in greater detail and walk you through all the pricing options.

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